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Black Square
'Alright Charlie'

Coach registration:

ALR 453 B
Harry Baird drove the coach during filming as we all know but Frederick Toms below was responsible for driving it to locations.

Disley Jones, Production Director was responsible for the look of all the vehicles.

Passenger - Michael Caine (Charlie Croker)

Harry Baird is British.

Harry Baird is British
Please select the link below to see the coach restorattion progress in video.  
Coach Restoration

Driver of the Coach Harry Baird (Big William)

'all right Charlie?'

'Let Go!'
'The Harrington Legionnaire from the film'

Coach registration

Support Crew Driver Frederick Toms


'Got a light boy?'

ALR 453 B
Frederick William Toms is sadly no longer with us but as with all support crew was very important to the job.
Frederick Toms is British and lived in Hampshire.
'Frederick Toms also drove the caterpillar in the Frejus Tunnel'
'We are restoring a Harrington Legionnaire as pictured below'

Driver of the Coach Daryl Davies-(Dazza)

'Alright, ourkid!'

Coach registration

Daryl Davies is the Stunt Team driver of the coach where at show events we will recreate some of those amazing car chase scenes not for getting the Minis driving into the back of the coach?.
Passengers - The Self Preservation Society
Daryl Davies is British born in Coventry.
"Progress is slow but we're getting there"








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